Tuesday, May 15, 2012

        To all the Mothers of the World

You are the women of the world
You are the daughters of the Earth
You are the Promise of Tomorrow
You are the Mother's of  Today

We are the women of the world
We are the daughter's of the Earth
We are the Promise of Tomorrow
We are the Mother's of Today

This is a Beautiful song that is sung during our Annual Tribal Canoe Journey. It is sung along with drums in a beautiful melody. When it is sung they call all the mother's down to the floor to sing along and be honored in front of all.  The men sing the first set of verse, and the women the second. It is quite moving and I always get goose bumps.  I felt it befitting in honor of Mother's Day. I am fortunate to come from a Culture that is Matrilineal. This means that women are highly respected and often looked upon as the leaders, wisdom keepers, and the backbone of the people. The women in our culture are strong and are encouraged to seek educations and strive to do whatever they want to do. The women in my culture are looked upon with great respect and viewed as the reason we are still a people. This Mother's day I took a drive to visit my backbone, my honored and respected elder, my grandmother. We had a beautiful visit and I left feeling honored to have her and proud to be from her. I love you Grandma! You are beautiful. Happy Mother's Day to all and take the time to feel proud to be a Daughter of the Earth and a Woman of this world! After all, we are the Promise of Tomorrow....

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