Monday, April 30, 2012

                I Attended the Great Cloth Diaper Change! 

I have been wanting to attend for a while now, but it seems something always came up. This year I set myself a goal to attend and followed through. I attended the Diaper Change nearest me in Centralia, Washington. It was at a cute little consignment shop called The Changing Table.  I took Maybelle of course and my daughter Mary went along as well. It was a girl day!  We had so much fun and met quite a few other cloth mothers. It was nice for me especially because I live in a Rural area, and I only know a small handful of mom's who use cloth in my town. Actually just two others.  I try to recruit and convert as much as possible though, so hopefully there will be more in the near future.

 Here is Maybelle playing Peek a Boo with the other babies while waiting for it to be time for the change.

Time for the Great Cloth Diaper Change!!!!

I have a feeling though, that this time next year she may be potty training. This may have been my first and last Great Cloth Diaper Change....unless I borrow a baby, or host my own! It really did feel good to be a part of this and I really hope that it helps bring the importance of Cloth Diapering to light. I also hope it continues to be a yearly event and grows to even more cities and countries across the world.

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