Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Perfect Choco Chip Cookie! Finally...

About this time last year, my kids finally told me they were tired of gourmet cupcakes, and lavish layered cakes.  Seriously? Wow! I guess too much of a good thing can get old.  So I began a quest to master the classic cookies and milk snacks. One of them of course, is chocolate chip cookies. I was never much of a cookie maker but decided to give it a whirl. The first ones sucked of course. But then I got better and better. I tried all the recommended recipes. The problem was, that I could not find one that came out just how everyone in my family likes them. Not too hard, not too chewy, not too cakey, and just the right amount of chips. I also could not seem to produce a consistant batch. They always came out different. So, I trudged along and remained vigilant in my experimentation untill I finally came up with the perfect recipe. I am pleased to announce that I am going to share that with you!   Here goes:

First, use Nestle chips. Follow the recipe on back (yes, I tweeked the Nestle recipe!). Now, instead of using all purpose flour, use Self Rising. What this does is eliminate the need to add baking soda and salt, and baking powder. I hate that part of cookie making because some cookies seem to have a real soda taste to them, this method evenly distributes. With that said, DO NOT, add the baking soda, salt and baking powder called for on the package. Set the bowl of flour aside, and fluff the 2 sticks of butter with 1,  yes, one, egg. I have discovered that it is not the butter that makes cookies chewy or soft, it is the egg. Using two makes a more dry fluffy cake like texture, and using one makes a chewier more buttery cookie. Next, you will want to Double the amount of vanilla the package calls for, and add that to the fluffing butter. Now add the sugar. I replaced the regular granulated with the brownish organic sugar which is a little coarser. I think it made a difference so you should try that too. I use the kind from Costco. Add the brown sugar as well. After I measure and add my brown sugar, I like to reach in the bag, grab a small handful and add that as well for extra measure! Weird, but I love the brown sugar taste and a little extra doesn't seem to hurt. So, fluff all that up nice and good and then add the flour a third at a time untill blended. Add the chips and blend a bit and you are ready to go! I bake them according to the package directions. I had to agree with Nestle on that matter.

How yummy do those look!!!

As you can see, they come out with just the right amount of chewy and a beautiful texture. Of course, not everyone likes them this way, but they sure seem to disapear the minute they are out of the oven at my house! I have also used this recipe version with White Chocolate chips and they come out just as lovely!

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