Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wow! He really loves me!

My husband is extremely attentive. I am very lucky. Sometimes he is so attentive it gets annoying! He is still a man though, and like most men, I am sure he gets bored listening to me talk about cupcakes, sewing, crafty stuff, and cloth diapers. I still go on about them however, because he is a good listener. I just figure he is usually politely listening. You know, the kind of listening where they agree with everything you say because they didn't really hear what you said. 
Well, it turns out he does listen! Not only does he listen, but he takes notes in his Blackberry "notes" app! He apparently has been keeping track of my Cloth wish list amazingly enough, and spoiled me for my birthday last week. Check this out:

To my surprise and delight, I received 2 Bitti Tutto's, Two Fuzzibunz, and a Thirsties duo Diaper. All in the colors and prints I have been wanting forever!  I gotta hand it to him,  he did an amazing job of finding them all online and ordering and paying attention! I love you too dear!

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