Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blissful Booty, I am in Bliss! (Review)

Starting my cloth diapering experience with flats and prefolds, I tend to love all pockets, and AIO's for their convenience, trimness and cuteness. This particular diaper however is at the top of my list. When my Blissful Booty AIO arrived, Buttercream with Berry colored snaps, I was immediately in bliss. It was wrapped in a beautiful green satin ribbon printed with Blissful Booty, and had a pretty little tag. I am not much of a sucker for packaging, however, this minimal packaging was so delightful!

The quality of the outer PUL is outstanding. It is so soft and stretchy I was surprised it could be both. It truly feels luxurious. I was quite pleased to discover that it was Aplix and Snap! I don't know about you, but my Maybelle is starting to catch on to Aplix. She has been ripping her Aplix diapers off. This, however, put the skids to that tactic. The inside of the Blissful is just as luxurious as the outside, and even softer. It is fleece of the highest quality.
At Blissful Booty you get to customize your Ultra AIO with your choice of either Buttercream, or Celery diaper color, and whatever snap color you fancy. They provide a wide range of color choice:

It was so fun to get to choose the snap color myself!

The fit was equally awesome. It fit Maybelle's chubby body type beautifully. One concern is however, that it fit so well, I am not quite sure if it would work through potty training. She is at 26 pounds right now.
So, for performance: I put it through the ringer so to speak. I tested the Blissful in every situation I could. I used it for a day trip in the car, it went through at least 3 poops, and of course many washings. The diaper withstood everything! I went as far as to use it through the night. This I do not usually do because I have a prefold system that I trust and use for night. It didn't leak!
I am so pleased with this diaper, I want at least 5 more. I absolutely can say that I love Blissful Booty!

Here is a run down from the Blissful site:
Blissful Booty Ultra Diapers Feature:

  • Back and front elastic gathers to prevent leaks
  • Hook and Loop closure for a snug fit plus waist and tab snaps for extra security and to prevent wing drooping!
  • Luxurious, stain resistant inner lining made of no-pill microfleece, that wicks moisture away from sensitive baby skin
  • Snug inner and outer leg casings for ultimate leak protection
  • Soft, waterproof cloth outer cover; No more hot rubber pants!
  • Super absorbent microfiber terry inner soaker
  • Large, soft, fold back laundry tabs to prevent the dreaded "diaper snake" when washing
  • Crossover front tabs with hook and loop and snaps for thin babies, or when you are transitioning to a new size
The Ultra AIO runs a fair $19.99.  I think it is well worth the money and will defineately buy more in the future. The Blissful Booty company is also a mommy owned and family run business, which I love. Not only do they sell diapers, but they also have their own line of wipes, changing pads, wet bags, wet wipe solutions,  boosters, and bathing/lotion products. Something else I absolutel love that Blissful Booty has is this:
Yes, a Bumber Sticker!!!! Love it!

So the bottom line is:

Price is reasonable
Mom owned
Superior quality fabric
Nightime worthy
Good Fit
Snaps and Aplix
Washes up well
Availiability of other products
Color choices

Aplix gets loose from laundry tab during wash and snags the outer fabric a bit

One con, that is a damn good diaper in my book! I am loving the Blissful Booty and recommend it highly. It certainly is Blissful for my baby's booty.

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