Friday, September 2, 2011

Am I horrible...

I feel horrible, yet I don't. I know it's not okay, yet I find myself doing it anyways. I judge people who don't use cloth! Not always, because I remind myslelf that there was a time when I didn't use cloth. But sometimes there are those mothers whom you just can't help but judge a little. This is the type: I was at the Family room in the mall while clothes shopping. It is a cool room by the way. It has little seperate rooms so you can breastfeed, changing stations, and cozy couches to relax with your baby. So, I am changing Maybelle at a changing station and the mom next to me asks, "What are those diapers?". I tell her that they are cloth diapers and pull another one out of the bag to show her. It was a cute heart printed Lovely Pocket. I always like to show mom's how modern and cute they are and then go from there about the convenience, the cost saving, and the eco advantages. Well, this particular mom wasn't gonna have it! The minute I held up the diaper for her to see, she quickly flinched back and said "Gross! I am not going to touch your baby's used diaper!" Wow! I didn't quite know how to react.  I immediately let her know it was clean, cause at first I thought maybe she thought it was wet from use or something. Well, that wasn't the case. She just plain thought it was gross. Then she rudely says, "So, you actually clean the poop off a piece of material? Why?" At that point, I just smiled nicely and said, "Yes. Yes I do. And I love every minute of it!" I finished what I was doing, smiled again, and left.  Of course the look on her face was priceless. The snotty upturned smile of a person who has no clue! That's what I call it.

I feel sorry for people that have no clue. Don't get me wrong though, it's okay to not have a clue, everyone has to learn somewhere. But if you don't have a clue, rather than be rude, you could just nicely take in the info. You asked about the diaper to begin with! Next time someone does that, I have a plan. I am going to look over at their disposable and say, "What kind of diaper is that!"

I felt bad for thinking mean thoughts about that mom the rest of the shopping trip, but really, I couldn't believe the brazen attitude and the lack of class she had. So, it was okay to judge this time a little, right?

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