Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lovely Pocket Diapers Review

As much as I love cloth diapers, I haven't tried very many. I love the ones I have and stick with them. Lately, however, I have been itching to broaden my cloth horizons and venture into the many diapers the cloth world has to offer. One such diaper I finally tried is Lovely Pocket Diapers.  The first thing that swayed me towards their "lovely" diapers was the price of course! For a solid colored diaper, you pay a whopping $7.00! For prints (check out their adorable prints)it's, $7.50, and for the Rave, which has double leg gussets, $12. Wow! That is not bad.
My diaper arrived quick! It took about 4 days, that was awesome! Nothing worse than waiting and watching the mailbox for your fluff. The ordering process was painless and easily navigated. At Lovely you can pay with PayPal if wanted. I chose the Grape colored classic solid to start, and to see what these were all about.

Grape Lovely Pocket

I really like the way the Lovely Pocket Diaper looks. They are adorable. The PUL material has a really nice feel to it, and has a good amount of give in it. The snap placement really makes it a true One Size. They come minimally packaged which I like. I really do not see a need to waste on packaging. The microfiber insert is very thick and soft, but I felt I needed to prep it a little more than normal as it seemed too soft still after 3 wash/dry cycles. It seemed fluffy rather than absorbant.The fleece inner lining of the diaper is super soft in a good way, yet somewhat thin. The pocket slit is in the back and defineately large enough to stuff easily.

Inside Lining

Insert after three washings.

The Lovely diaper fit my Maybelle great! I loved the ease of the snaps and the ability to size it to her chunky build. She is a heavy wetter however so she really put it to the test.  It held up pretty well! I was quite pleased with it, however, I really don't think it would work for a nightime diaper. It is made well, absorbant, and has a great fit, but it clearly is intended for day time use, at least for my heavy wetter. 

I like the flexability of the Lovely Pocket Diaper. Maybelle is at the crawling and standing up on stuff stage, and she can't stand a large, heavy prefold when she wants to be active. In the Lovely, she was able to get around with no trouble at all. I found that the Lovely isn't exactly trim fitting, yet isn't too fluffy either. It is just right. 

As you can see, she is a chunk!  The Lovely Pocket is made to fit all body types and I love that!  Another aspect of the Lovely Pocket that I liked is that it cleans up really nicely. I have tested it to the extreme over the last two weeks. I do not believe in doing a review on a diaper until I have really put it to the full test. She has pee'd in it several times, she has pooped in it several times. I have traveled a little with it, and I have washed it plenty. I have had one leak and that was when we drove to Portland. She fell asleep in the car seat for 3 hours and had a small leak. Pretty darn good!  When she has pooped in it, I have had no problem at all washing it out. The white lining comes out perfectly after washing, and I have had no staining whatsoever. The diaper still looks new in fact. After about 13 washes the outside looks new still as well. The cover dries ultra fast, however the insert takes about a cycle and a half. No biggie though.

In conclusion, there are pros and cons.
Price ($7 - $12)
Color and Pattern Selection
Awesome Customer Service
Quick Shipping
Function (works great as a daytime diaper)
Easy to clean
Holds up well over time

Made in China ( I prefer diapers and other baby products made in the USA)
Not so great for night time (possibly if two or three inserts are used)
Bulky (mid, not trim, but not too bulky)

There really are more pros to Lovely Pocket Diapers than cons. I have to say that I recommend them to anyone who has not tried one. I recommend buying one or two and testing them for yourself before buying bulk amounts, however I recommend that for any diaper. All in all, Lovely Pockets are an affordable, cute, easy to clean, functional diaper. I love they way they look on my Maybelle, and I plan on getting a few more in the future.

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