Monday, August 8, 2011

Breastfeeding and cloth on Vacation

Before leaving on our two week journey, I worried a little about how nursing Maybelle would go. I just wasn't sure how easy it would be while camping, attending activities, being up late at night for Tribal Journey ceremonies, etc... Well, it ended up going great! I had no problems at all. All my fears were unwarrented. I had no problems whipping it out(I do have a Baby Bond nursing cover) during activities (I had worried about the public aspect since I have not had to really deal with that too much yet). I had no problem with getting off schedule, and Maybelle was such a versatile camper, it didn't phase her at all!

Cloth diapering on our two week journey. Now this I knew wouldn't be too much of a problem. A few years back, they started providing portable laundrymats on the Journey for campers, so I knew I would have access to washing machines. I did however, bring my entire stash, which took up all the space in the motor home I had for my clothes, but I wanted to be safe. I also had a sense of security with my whole stash there. What if something had happened to our house when we were gone? What if a robber had stole my diapers? HAHA! I am joking, however, it did ease my sense of being by having all my diapers with me. I ended up washing every 3 days, which I usually do every day or every other day at the most due to being at home and able to do that. It bugged me a little to wait 3 days cause they got a little smelly, but I was just glad to have the ability to wash them at all so I won't complain. My Bumgenious and my Econobum prefolds just wouldn't dry well in the portable dryers though, so many times I hung them around camp. I couldn't help but snicker a little when I would see people walk by our camp and look at us a little funny!

Something I noticed on the Journey was that I only saw 2 other moms who cloth diapered. I am a bit sad about this considering our culture is based a lot on our Earth and nature. I just assumed more Native moms were cloth diapering. I am so saddened by this that I have decided to make it a point to get the word out in Indian Country. I am going to talk to my tribe about doing a little workshop or Women's group presentation on cloth diapering. I will keep you posted on that for sure! I am hoping to get a grant to provide some young Native mom's cloth diapers to start out with. Let me know if any of you know a good place to start.


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