Saturday, July 2, 2011

Trouble on the Homestead!

Well, it's not actually trouble, just whining, pissing and moaning on my part. I am having a hard time with our new house. You see, our previous house was a one hundred year old Rustic Farmhouse. It had beautiful, creeky old hardwood floors. It had gorgeous characteristic woodwork. It had a great little orchard of Apple, Pear and Plum trees. We put in a new kitchen, which I designed around baking, with modern touches but made to look like the year of the house. I had awesome cream colored cabinets that were sanded to look aged. I collected awesome antiques over the years and finally had my farmhouse all perfect just the way I wanted it.
Our new house is the polar opposite. It is absolutely beautiful, I feel bad complaining, but it is just so not me! It is a Lindel Cedar home, in the prow front style. It is reminiscent of a cozy ski lodge. It has a big river rock fireplace in the living room. It has gorgeous cedar ceilings and walls. It feels like a vacation rental. It is modern. It need no major remodeling (except maybe the kitchen, which no matter how nice a kitchen is, I am not happy with it till I get it to exactly how I want it). It sits on a mountain overlooking the Willapa River.  We have 24 acres of pretty wilderness and forest land. We have an artisanal creek and spring.
The problem is, it lacks the ambiance I want in a home. It screams bear skin rug, trout needlepoint pillows, and deer head wall hanging! It was made for a log bed, and Navaho printed couches.
I am slowly working on unpacking, but have gotten into a slump. It is nearly impossible to put out any of my stuff! How do you decorate a cedar ski lodge looking modern house with a collection of vintage cake stands? How do you decorate a warm toned cabin style home with white Shabby Chic side tables and milk glass vases? And what am I to do with all my vintage French Grainsack pillow covers? Where in the hell am I going to hang my antique glass coffee grinder?  They look horrible here....
I have cried many tears over the last couple of weeks. I am realizing the moving excitement has worn off and I want to go home. I am realizing I want to wring the neck of the woman who now is loving and cooking in my beautiful, perfect, made just for me kitchen! I miss my granite...I miss my creeky floors, I miss my rose garden...I am sure this will pass, however, in the meantime, I need to learn to let go. It's just so hard because the new house doesn't have that mood, feeling, and tone of the old house. It doesn't feel like home....

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