Friday, July 1, 2011

Maybelle, Getting so big, so fast...

Today my baby girl is 8 months! Maybelle Qwinam (the number 5 in our Native language, for being the 5th child) Johnson. Wow how time flies! This pic is actually taken at 6 months, but my camera is on the fritz nd can't download the most recent photos. At 8 months old she is fully sitting, halfway crawling, 2 teeth popping out, and spoiled rotten! Breastfeeding is going smoothly, she is also eating solids of course, and now even nibbling cheerios. I am fully cloth diapering still of course, and loving it... It is amazing being able to stay home with her. It has been a whole new experience. Sadly, sometimes I feel like it is my first because I am experiencing so much for the first time. No more calls to my office from the daycare saying he or she took their first step. I will and am getting to have those moments for myself. It's beautiful and I regret not getting to be there 24/7 for my first four. I am extremely appreciative to get to do this now though.

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